Mother of Pearl- Beebeecraft Simple and Decent Beads

Summary: You may wonder what mother of pearl is. Mother of pearl, also called nacre, is a flashy layer of material that forms on the shell lining of many mollusks. It is widely used as an inlay in jewelry, furniture and musical instruments. Learn from Beebeecraft about mother of pearl beads in by reading on.

In the past, mother of pearl was regarded as a more desirable jewelry craft supplies than pearls are today. Let’s explore the reasons why it was so popular.


At first sight, you might think that mother of pearl is very simple except for its iridescent surface. But without any adornment, just its character of ordinary and liberality can win many customers favor. And as this characteristic, mother of pearl won’t steal the limelight from other kinds of beads when it is matched with other beads. They have their own uniqueness.


Mother of pearl beads are rare, so they are precious. In our web store at, we have these beads in shapes including flat round, heart, flower, fish, hexagon and rectangle. And for size, these range from 10mm to 40mm in diameter. Mother of pearl is also handmade into several colors such as black, blue, green, dark red, brown and so on. Although this kind of bead is less produced, they are very popular. And they are among our hot items in our web store.


Mother of pearl is very special and every piece of jewelry is slightly different. It is handmade into a button shape and into beads. So we can use it as the button of our clothes. We believe your clothing and crafts will be very outstanding with these buttons. You can also embellish necklaces, bracelets and even cell phones with these beads.


Do you want to create distinctive jewelry? Do you want to make your objects more beautiful? Mother of pearl can help you. Choose this kind of bead and we are sure you will love it.


Beebeecraft Antique Acrylic Beads, Classic Beads for Making Crafts

Summary: Since so many people like the vintage style, antique jewelry is becoming more and more popular, antique finish acrylic beads are a hot item to have.

The antique acrylic beads are lightweight, have a lustrous appearance and the antiqued effect makes them look more charming and fashionable. Many of my friends wear jewelry made by the antique acrylic beads. The jewelry is individualized and beautiful. You will be very outstanding if you wear it. So next, let’s learn more from Beebeecraft about antique acrylic beads, and you will love them.


Our acrylic antique beads are available in various styles. Some are like antique porcelain and some are like the Tibetan style beads. The metal colors include antique silver, antique golden bronze, antique bronze, red copper and black. And the antique acrylic beads are made into many shapes such as pants, animals, skulls, hearts and so on. You don’t need to worry about shape, we got you covered! We can also offer you the beads in different sizes ranging from 1mm in diameter to 39mm. We believe that you can find the beads you need in our web store.

Once you have ordered the antique beads, you can use them to make jewelry. The characteristic antiqued style acrylic beads are designed especially for themed jewelry pieces. They can be matched with earring hooks, jumprings, and pins to be earrings, bracelets and so on. You can also use the antique acrylic beads to make small crafts, and then use the small crafts to decorate your house. The antique acrylic beads have other usages waiting for you to find.

You also like jewelry making and love the antique acrylic beads? They are indeed the good choices of jewelry craft supplies.

Beebeecraft Wood beads- inspire your creativity

Summary: Wood beads are hot items. They are so popular because of their high quality and low price. They can meet people’s different requests.

Many wood beads are all handmade. You don’t need to worry about their quality. And they are lightweight. They are jewelry craft supplies. You won’t have heaviness when you wear the jewelry made by them.


Our handworkers make the wood beads into different shapes. Shapes of our beads range from ordinary ones like round, tube, flower and oval, to unique ones such as butterfly, rabbit and elephant. Wood beads are available in different sizes from 1mm in diameter to 39mm, and the hole sizes also vary. We offer the wood beads in different colors such as black, blue, brown and so on. You can choose the wood beads you like.


We divide our wood beads into four groups that distinguish them by difference of style.  These styles are: opaque & printed, opaque & spray painted, fancy drawings and opaque & draw bench. The opaque & painted wood beads are cute with gorgeous colors. The opaque & spray painted wood beads are simple in design, but they are not out of fashion. On the contrary, they are welcomed by most of the customers. The fancy drawing wood beads are painted with colorful pictures on their surface. And they are full of artistic feel. The opaque & draw bench wood beads are painted with many pinstripes. They are simple and large which can be good choice for jewelry making.


What you care about most may be the usage and price of the wood beads. Wood beads can be used to make all kinds jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings and so on. You can also handcraft some products and use them to decorate your bags, clothes and even your house. In a few words, wood beads are widely used, and their price is very reasonable.


You won’t regret purchasing these beauties. If you are crafter or jeweler, you need these in your inventory of supplies! They will help you to create beautiful articles. You can see more information in our web store, welcome to visit our website at beebeecraft.

How Do You Make Suede Cord Braided Bracelet with 3 Strands

Summary: Here Beebeecraft shows a simple way to make a suede cord bracelet by doing 3 strands braids. It makes a cool jewelry accessory for both male and female.


Everyone can do 3 strand braids, hah? So now, I’d like to show you a simple instruction about how to make suede cord braided bracelets. The final look can be so cool for both man and woman. Let’s see how to get this suede cord bracelet finished.

Materials and tools for making suede cord braided bracelet:

Suede cord
Ribbon ends
Jump rings

Instructions for making suede cord braided bracelet:

Step 1: clamp the top part of suede bracelet

1st, snip 3 strands of leather cords;
2nd, add a bead tip to one end of the cords, clamp them together as one end of the bracelet.

Step 2: make main part of suede bracelet

Do 3-strand braid until it reaches the proper length.

Step 3: end up the suede braided bracelet

Trim off the excess cord, add another bead tip to the finished end and attach clasp to the bracelet.

So the 3-strand braided bracelet is done smoothly. You can go to your local crafter stores, pick up some favorite suede/leather cords and try DIY yourself.

Easy Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make Tassel Earrings with Suede Cord and Gemstones

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you how to make simple tassel earrings with black suede cord and white gemstones, if you are seeking for earring making ideas, never miss this one!


Only with several pieces of black suede cords, two white gemstones, and few other basic earring findings, you can easily finish these tassel earrings with 20 minutes. Wanna know the details? Just keep reading!

Tools and materials needed to make the tassel earrings:

Black Suede Cord
White Gemstone Pendants
Silver Cord End Caps
Sliver Eyepins
Silver Earring Hooks
Round Nose Pliers
Long Nose Pliers
Side Cutting Pliers
Glue Gun
White Glue

Instructions on making the easy diy earrings:

Step 1: Make the main patterns

1st, cut 8 pieces of 10cm black suede cords, glue them to the silver cord end cap;
2nd, attach an eyepin to the cord end cap like picture shows, make another loop with the eyepin and glue them to the white gemstone pendant.

Step 2: Complete the suede cord tassel earrings

1st, attach an earring hook to the top loop of the white gemstone;
2nd, trim the suede cords to make the tassel neat;
3rd, repeat all previous steps to make another earring.


And here is how it looks like when you’re wearing the suede cord tassel earrings:

The design is very chic and the earrings are quite easy to make. If you like them, just give it a try!

Beebeecraft Creative Idea on How to Make a Hem-Stitch Necklace with Brown Suede Cord

Summary: Here is a good idea about making a hem-stitch suede cord necklace! This necklace is quite suitable to be a gift for friend.


I got inspired and wanted to make a unique hem-stitch necklace with suede cords. I bet many of you may be interested in such chic style and creative pattern of this necklace. Therefore I share the detailed instructions on how to make this suede cord necklace here.

Necessities for the hem-stitch suede cord necklace:

6mm brown suede cord
4mm brown glass pearl bead
Memory wire
Round nose plier
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Bead reamer
Glue gun

Instructions on how to make suede cord necklace:

Step 1: Thread suede cord onto memory wire

1st, cut a 50cm length of brown suede cord, and punch a hole with reamer at one end;
2nd, cut a coil length of memory wire and thread right end through above hole on suede cord;
3rd, with a 2cm interval, punch another hole on suede cord;
4th, thread wire through the second hole;
5th, glue the bottoms of first and second hole with glue gun; the first cord loop is done;
6th, the bottoms of holes are estimated 0.5cm long, so leave 1cm interval and punch the third hole;
7th, thread wire through the hole;
8th, decide interval and make second loop;
9th, when punching odd numbered holes, leave 1cm length intervals with previous hole;
10th, when punching even numbered holes, decide intervals according to your necklace design, as these intervals determine the size of each loop.

Step 2: Do the hem-stitch with suede cord

1st, continue punching and threading;
2nd, glue bottoms together when necessary;
3rd, my version is each half of the hem-stitch has 13 various loops and the center one is the largest;
4th, glue the last loop perfectly and cut off excess suede cord;
5th, push suede cord hem to memory wire’s center and add one brown glass pearls onto each end;
6th, evenly pull the hem and adjust it into perfect form.

Step 3: Wire wrap clasp with pliers

1st, bend one wire end into 90 degrees with flat nose;
2nd, loop the end with round nose;
3rd, bend the other end into 180 degrees;
4th, adjust the clasp.

Tada! I have successfully finished a hem-stitch Beebeecraft suede cord necklace! Considering what pattern is your favorite and draw a draft onto patter; according to the pattern, create your own version of hem-stitch suede cord necklace.

Simple Beebeecraft Tutorial on How to Make an Easy Chenille Rabbit Craft

Summary: Here is a Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make an easy chenille rabbit craft. This soft material will make it feel like real rabbit.


Rabbits are cute animals in our mind and all kid like them very much. Today, I will give you an instruction on how to make an easy rabbit craft for your kids. I choose the chenille sticks jewelry craft supplies to make the rabbit craft as they meet the soft feature of the rabbits’ fur. Hope your kids will like it.

Materials and tools needed in the chenille rabbit craft:

Pandahall Elite White Pearl Beads
Gray Pearl Beads
Cleaner Chenille Sticks
Bent Nose Pliers
DIY Jewelry Tool Sets

Instructions on how to make a chenille rabbit craft:

Step1: Make the chenille stick into rabbit shape

1st, wrap a piece of cleaner chenille stick across a pen like the picture show;
2nd, take down the cleaner chenille stick and bend it into a rabbit shape.

Step 2:Add a yellow chenille stick to the ass place of the rabbit.

Step 3: Add 2 4mm gray pearl beads and a 4mm white pearl bead to the rabbit, they will be the eyes and mouth of the rabbit.

The final look of the chenille rabbit craft:


Wow, it’s so easy to make the chenille rabbit craft, and I made two rabbits of different colors. They are so cute and my kids like them very much. You can try to make some from Beebeecraft for your kids and they will like them, too.

Making a S Link with Pandahall Elite Multi sized Looping Pliers

Summary: You may see from our title that this S-link is made with the help of Multi sized Pandahall Elite pliers, however, many people have not this kind of tools, so what can we do? Here I will show you a way to make the S-link by the use of barrel with different size.



Step1. Put the wire on the surface of a thin barrel and rotate the wire with your hand to make a whole loop.

Step2. Pull out the thin barrel and use another thick barrel to make a bigger loop with the same way of the first one.

Step3. Pull out the thick barrel.

Step4. Cut off the excess wire


Now your S-link has finished. See, not only with the jewelry making tools, just with four simple steps, an S-link is created, have you mastered it? Follow Beebeecraft tips, make one and just try!

How to Make Beautiful Glass Cabochon Bracelet with Beebeecraft Pearl Beads

Summary: Wanna make bracelet for girls? If yes, you can never miss today’s Beebeecraft tutorial on how to make beautiful glass cabochon bracelet with pearl beads for girls!


If you are lack of beautiful bracelet, look here! Today, I’ll share you a Pandahall tutorial on how to make beautiful glass cabochon bracelet with pearl beads for girls! It’s easy to make! Now, let’s start to see HOW together!


Materials needed for the glass cabochon bracelet:

Iron Twist jewelry making chain
15mm Pink Scrapbook Paper Adhesive Tapes
10mm Light Blue Scrapbook Paper Adhesive Tapes
10mm Pandahall Elite White Round Pearl Beads
14mm Dome Clear Glass Cover and Golden Brass cabochons settings
Chain Nose Pliers
Round Nose Pliers
White Glue Gun

Step 1: Make the base of the glass cabochon bracelet

1st, trim off some pieces of round scrapbook paper from the pink and light blue scrapbook paper tape;
2nd, put some white glue in the brass cabochon, then put the round scrapbook paper on it and put the clear glass cover on the scrapbook paper and fix them with white glue.

Step 2: Connect the glass cabochons together

1st, thread an eyepin through a pearl bead, then make a loop at the bottom and hang it on the glass cabochon;
2nd, connect other glass cabochons in the same ways.

Step 3: Finish the glass cabochon bracelet

1st, hang two pieces of iron twist chains on the two ends of the bracelet respectively ;
2nd, thread a headpin through a pearl bead, then make a loop at the bottom and hang it on one end of the bracelet;
3rd, hang a lobster clasp on the other end of the bracelet.

Time for the final look of the bracelet:

Wow, what a lovely glass cabochon bracelet! I love it sooooooooo much! As you can see, it’s very easy to make, you can finish it in three steps! If you wanna try the Beebeecraft tutorial and have any questions, please feel free to ask me or leave a comment. Hope you a nice try and have a wonderful day!

Beebeecraft Easy DIY – How to Make a Couple of Peace Buckle Bracelets for Lovers

Summary: This Beebeecraft tutorial will show you a couple of peace buckle bracelets for lovers; you can make the 2 surd cord bracelets and send one to your love.


See the suede cord bracelets, they are quite simple in appearance and easy for making, so do you wanna join me to try to make them? Next I will show to details on how to make couple bracelets, follow me to see together~

Supplies you’ll need in making the peace buckle bracelets:

Black Faux Suede Cord
Donut Gemstone Pendants
Silver Jump Rings
Silver Lobster Claw Clasps
Silver Cord Ends
Flat Nose Pliers

Instructions on how to make couple bracelets:

Step 1: Make a basic part of the bracelet

1st, cut 2 pieces of black suede cord, then fold one in half and tie it to a beige gemstone pendant;
2nd, attach a cord end to the end of the cord as pictured.

Step 2: Finish the black suede cord bracelet

1st, tie the second black cord to the gemstone pendant like the first one and attach a cord end to end of it;
2nd, attach a lobster clasp to one cord end through a jump ring white attach a jump ring to the other cord end and then connect the black suede cord bracelet.

Repeat above steps to make another peace buckle bracelet with a red gemstone pendant, and here is the final look of the bracelets for lovers.

More pictures for the peace buckle bracelets.

Wow, how beautiful the peace buckle bracelets are! Do you like them? I make the bracelets for lovers with a quite short time with just jewelry string and gemstone, so if you have fallen in love with them as well, just follow me to make the black suede cord bracelets now!