Effective Cabochon Settings – An Artist’s Prize

For an ardent jewelry lover like me and the one who is crazy about making it, gemstones, pearls and Cabochons are very valuable. The right color combination, correct balance of embellishments and design with right sparkles can produce a perfect piece. Artists have been using different embellishments in their jewelry pieces to make them more attractive. In Stone Age, it was stones and unrefined gems and crystals and then with time, it all was modified and shaped. But even now, there are some jewelers who like working with natural elements i.e. they do not use completely refined and perfectly cut pieces. Instead they use stones, gems and crystals in their Cabochon settings which have a flat base and polished surface.

I personally do not like a sharp edged and highly cut piece that is why I mostly go for cabochon settings while designing my jewelry. Earlier it became difficult because if I haven’t designed my set according to the shape and size of my cabochon, it became very difficult to set it in the piece. But now, there is a huge variety of them available in market in different colors, shapes, sizes and materials.

The use of cabochon is not limited to jewelry. I like using such elements while making crafts and recycling things. Cabochons settings are my favorite because a little sparkle, a stone in the middle of a piece and surrounding it with some pearls or a lace completely shifts the look of a piece. Nothing gives an artist more joy then when he or she looks at the final look of his or her piece and everything looks perfectly balanced and pretty.

Cabochon Settings can be tricky for new artists whether they are jewelry makers, dress designers or cake decorators. It is because a stone or gem can become the center of attention, if is too big and then the whole piece might lose its grip. Therefore a little mistake like putting an inappropriate Cabochon Settings can be drastic for the whole piece. In order to avoid this, what I do is pre-check before gluing it to my piece. I set out my mould or draw a picture of it on a plain sheet and arrange my whole design on it without sticking things on it. This way, I can see if there is any adjustment that needs to be made or if my design is working out or not. And if there are any mistakes, this is the phase where I correct them.

Doing experiment is the best thing and it is a continuous process in an artist’s life. Nothing is more exciting to an artist then seeing his or her final look of the design. So Cabochon Settings might be tricky and difficult, but a little experiment and play never hurts and that is the way we all learn. So try and try again and have fun while you create your masterpiece. Who knows an imperfect Cabochon Setting might get you your best art work.


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