Brief Introduction for Shamballa Bracelet

What is Shamballa bracelet?

If you prefer jewelry fashion, you must know Shamballa bracelets. They become more and more popular for both men and women nowadays. It is bracelet with thread and beads threaded and knotted together that you can easy braid with the easiest knotting technique- square knot.

History of Shamballa braclet

Tibetan Buddhist believes Shamballa is a mythical kingdom, and this pure land refers to happiness and tranquility for people who strive for achieve it. Western culture becomes fascinated with the Tibetan Buddhist cultures. Thus the jewel is derived from the Buddhist culture, with the symbol of enlightenment, perfection and inner peace.

Shamballa Bracelet Meaning:

Each color in Shamballa bracelet has unique meaning.

Black: power, evil

White: purity, healing

Red: courage, support

Violet: inspiration, wisdom

Green: growth, healing

Different Beads for Shamballa Bracelets

*Wood beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:


*Rhinestone beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:


*Rose Quartz beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:


*Cat Eye Beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:


*Jade Beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:


*Hematite used in Shamballa Bracelet


*Turquoise Beads used in Shamballa Bracelet:



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