Aluminum Chain – Variations and Uses

We all know that Jewelry making requires some unique skills. If someone is creative enough to generate innovative ideas then he/she can surely start up the jewelry making business in no time. All I know is that you need to have skills about how to make stuff and what things are required for making several jewelry pieces. Like all other materials, aluminum is also one of the materials that are used in making several types of jewelry pieces. I came across many items that are available in the market from where you can get the idea of making innovative and antique pieces. Along with silver and gold, there are also some that are made from aluminum. They are as attractive and easy to wear like all the other material chains.


No single type of style is available in the market that is made from aluminum. When you will start the search, you will come across lots of stylish designs. I would love a good fancy and stylish one for me. Some few common types of aluminum chains are discussed below:

  • Aluminum Cross

The very popular and common types of chains are the cross chains. You can use them for anything you feel appropriate. They have loops of chains attached and crossed over each other. These chains are used in delicate type of jewelry items.

  • Chunky

Chunky means thick so ultimately the chunky chains are thick and have more weight than the ordinary chains. I love the elegance of those. Chunky metal bits are used in making such types according to the trend and demands of the people. Usually rap stars prefer to wear these chunky chains as their bling.

  • Silver and Gold Plated

They are my all-time favorite and common type of chains that are vastly used by women. The internal part or the bases are made from no other material but the less expensive aluminum. It is just electroplated in gold or silver metal dressing.

  • Fancy and Delicate Linked

The lightweight ones are delicate to see and they appear very elegant when worn. Even though they are delicate but yet they are strong and durable enough for you to use regularly. They look great in a delicate pendant or bracelet and so I am also planning to get myself one of these.

  • Colorful 

A wide range is present for you to buy from. Apart from the gold and silver types, they have a huge variation of color schemes to match with your favorite dress.

Aluminum Dangers

The aluminum used in some chains is not the pure one. There is a drastic difference between the pure and the synthetic aluminum. I wouldn’t like the regular use of it. The synthetic aluminum chain makes the skin allergic and sometimes rashes also emerge. The toxins released can damage the skin so they must be evolved.


  • It is cheaper than other metals
  • Looks attractive and appealing
  • It has got different shapes and sizes with a wide range of color schemes too
  • It can be used as belts with pants as well.

Buy yourself some to make your outfit attractive and accessorized. I am going to buy some too.



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