What Do You Need to Craft Ring Blanks?

“A thing of beauty is joy forever”, a well said proverb. Being a lady what else could be more enchanting for you but a beautifully crafted jewelry item like the ring blanks! Though men are not far behind women for their inclination towards beauty ornaments but ladies are naturally more attracted toward things that might contribute in enhancing their looks. If you want your members of family, friends and colleagues etc. to admire your taste and exclusivity then you will have to put a little effort for that.

I can bet that most of the time when you buy something, especially a jewelry item,you think that it could be even more attractive if it were like this or that. It is a reality that no one can understand what you exactly like but you, yourself. So, won’t you like to know about how you can give the creative thought of yours, a physical existence? Today, we will explore the requisites for making beautiful ring blanks as it is easy for the beginners and great fun for everyone.

Ring Blank 3

Ring Sizer and Mandrel

All your effort will go in vain if the ring does not fit well around your finger. Therefore, it is more than important to decide on accurate loop size by the taking an appropriate finger measurement. A plastic ring sizer and wooden mandrel are the two handy tools for this purpose. With the use of sizer, find out the circumference that will be suitable for your ring and then mandrel is used to outline the metal to the dignified extent for hoop.

Metal Sheets

Metal rings are well liked category of ring blanks and metal sheets are useful to craft them. You can ask your jewelry suppliers for metallic sheets like that of gold, silver and copper etc. These flat solids are liked for their easy handling but still you will have to have metal sheet cutters, ring-shaping apparatus and oscillating power tools etc.

Metal-Clay Tools

Have you ever been amazed by the beauty of ring blanks that had some unusual material? Most probably those were of clay metal. Yes, when the clay is burnt, organic clay sheds off and metal part is left behind. All that needs to be done for this crafting is shaping, drying and burning the clay. Kit needed here comprises of metal clay, shaping frames, kiln, firing brick and brushing material etc.


There is no end to inventiveness and by making use of scratch you can design an incredibly attractive and useful thing. Like you must have some wires at your store. If you think they are of no use then you will have to reconsider it as you have an option to make ring blanks out of wires. Take two, three or more thick wires and twist them and give a shape of ring. Here you can use different pliers, beads or other decorative material in addition to the basic necessities of ring designing tools.

If you really want to go this way of expressing your inventive thoughts then a lot of other options regarding the ring blanks are there to which you must acquaint yourself.


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