How to Choose a Clasp in Jewelry Making


Clasps are one of the most essential jewelry findings for making jewelry. Because they are not only functional devices that are used to connect two ends of a bracelet or necklace, but good ornament to the jewelry. We know there are different clasps and they can have various effects on the jewelry. So it is necessary for us to choose a suitable clasp for the jewelry. Next, I will tell you some tips about how to choose a clasp in jewelry making.

1. When you plan to make lightweight to medium-weight strung jewelry, you can use the clasps like spring clasp, lobster clasp, pearl clasp or magnetic clasp. Those clasps can work well for the light weight jewelry. And you can choose the size of clasp according to the weight of the jewelry.

2. If you make medium-weight to heavy-weight strung jewelry, you can choose the toggle clasp, hook and eye clasp, and large lobster clasp. Those clasps can bear the weight of the heavy jewelry. And you can choose the one you like.

3. If you are going to make multistrand necklaces, any clasp is suitable. You just need to choose the size of the clasp according to your project.

We analyzed the problem from the point of the weight of the jewelry that you are going to make. While this is one factor, of course, you can also apply the clasp in accordance with the style of the jewelry security. Hope you can choose the right clasp for your jewelry.



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