Different Types Of European Beads To Work With

Jewelry making is a really creative hobby. The best thing about this hobby is that you can turn it into a lucrative business. That’s what I did with my craze for making jewelry. Trends in wearing and making jewelry have changed with time. New styles are coming and we, jewelry makers, have to keep up with the trends. I have seen that no matter what new style or trend is introduced, people‘s love for beaded jewelry never fades.  These beads are made from bones and shells and they are converted into something that is wearable as jewelry.

One of most common type of beads I have worked with is the European beads. The history behind them had been quite unclear, but they are widely being used for making bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.  They are available in variety styles and designs. You can find them made up of solid sterling silver, glass, solid gold, base metal, plated gold, and even silver. These beads can be expensive. But as I have a line of classic and vintage jewelry made out of gold and other precious metal, I have these beads available too.

The European beads are available in precious gemstones too, but they are going to be a lot expensive. Here are some of the common types of European beads available out there, which you will find quite useful in making various pieces of jewelry:

  • Cover Locks

They are also known as clasps or clips. They are the hinged beads. You can open them up and place them on the clasp holders. They are meant for preventing other elements in the piece of jewelry to fall or move elsewhere.  There are some unique pieces, which we want to create, but as the beads keep on moving, it becomes hard to maintain the style, but with cover locks, this problem can be resolved.

  • Blocker Beads

These are the kind of European beads, which look just like the spacer beads. The only difference is that there is a rubber gasket there on the beads that can hold onto the chain and prevent the beads or stones from sliding. You can place these beads anywhere along the length of the piece of jewelry you are making.

  • Glass Beads

The most common type of European beads available is the glass beads. They are unique when it comes to their styles, design, and color. There is a sterling silver insert in the beads that can let you insert them into any piece of jewelry you want.

You simply need your unique set of imagination to create jewelry out of the variety of European beads available. You are going to find them in various types, but the choice depends on your crafting or jewelry making need. I bought lots of European beads on the basis of their looks. Some of them were quite expensive too, but the pieces of jewelry that I have made with my creativity have made them unique. You can always gather ideas and inspiration from different sources and make your own pieces to sell as well.

3 thoughts on “Different Types Of European Beads To Work With

  1. Thanks for the advice. Just learning how to start making wire-wrapped jewelry here and trying to find the best places to buy beads and the like. Other than Michael’s and Joann Fabrics, I really didn’t have many ideas. I’ll definitely keep checking your site, you have a lot of good ideas! Check out my blog if you can.Take care!


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