Cool Hanging Decoration for Doorways!

Curtains can be something delightful to make our home bright and comfortable. They are easy handy project made from various kinds of beads like crystal glass beads, elegant pearl beads, and colorful acrylic beads and so many other beads. Even the recycled plastic caps can be used for making fabulous doorway curtains. Before making beaded curtains, you need to know which style do you prefer, what kind of style is most appropriate with the interior design or a certain occasion. If you are going to make curtains for your kids’ room, colorful acrylic beads with different shapes or cute buttons will be perfect choice. For wedding theme, you may go for romantic, elegant pearl beads or transparent beads. If you are new to DIY work, check the below curtain DIY tutorial and you’ll know!

steps for making beaded curtain

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