Basics of Jewelry Making Supplies

Making jewelry by yourself is a great way to get creative in your house. To get your time passed when you are bored and alone has made people a jewelry maker. I have met many people who have become jewelry making experts because they opted for it as a leisure activity. I also got the hang of making jewelry in my free time but got a little off the road when I mistakenly used some wrong tools and supplies which resulted in a few obscure jewelry items. So I would definitely ask all the jewelry makers out there to use the appropriate tools to get the job done on time and perfectly.

Deal in with Accessories

The main thing I would ask you to have is the one you actually make jewelry with. Without them there is no way you can make up any jewelry item.

  • Beads

You can choose from tons of different beads types as your requirement. The one you want are all available in the market and online stores that offer promotions and discount offers too if you are willing to buy in bulks. These are the main part of the jewelry making supplies that end up in a unique piece.

  • Wires

The wire used in making items is very delicate. It is easy to twist the wire so you can make loops and thread it onto things with no hassle. They are used in making necklaces, bracelets, anklets and other decorations you might want to use by combining stones with wire and making a pendant out of it. You can get these in different metals, thickness and colors.

  • Stringing Materials

The more the stringing materials are thick the more trouble you will be facing in passing them through the beads. Cords are used when wires don’t work. These cords are made from leather, strings, metal and plastic.

  • Adhesives

There is no limitation in using adhesives for making jewelry as there are plenty to choose from. Use of any glue for making these items is inevitable. When I tried to make these things the UHU all-purpose adhesive worked best for me and the things I wanted to attach stayed there for long. Alternatives include GS Hypo Cement, Araldite and a lot others.

  • Tools

The tools you need to have for making your creative crafting are flat nosed pliers, wire cutter, ruler, a hand vice, soldering iron, ring-sizer, twisting lathe and other necessary stuff that depends on the item you are about to make.

  • Findings

To make impressive looking jewelry I always missed the right stuff for what I was trying to make out of the jewelry making supplies. Clasps, catches and the fastenings are the complete suite case for your journey to the field of jewelry making.

I have got all of these stored up with me so whenever I’m in a mood to get some creativity on the go I have always find this the best thing to do. All the people who are into jewelry making stuff can use these tools for their projects.  


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