Different DIY Projects With Glass Beads

All jewelry hobbyists wish to use new crystals every time they get involved in a project that requires working with gemstones. I remember how much excited I was when I got to work with glass beads for the first time. The top quality glass beads that are one of kind can be expensive so it is better that you take care of them while working on a particular project.

Glass beads can let you create a number of different things. Check out the projects that you can get started on by choosing these beads:

  • UntitledYou can add stones in the safety pins. For some dresses you may need safety pins. These safety pins when visible can make the charm of the dress fall out. You can save the charm of your dress by wearing safety pins willed with beads. It will look as if you have a small decorative piece on your dress.
  • I used glass beads for making necklaces on cords. These were the necklaces I made for children on my niece birthday party. They were simply giveaways for the children for coming to the birthday bash. I played with different shapes and colors of the beads and created multicolor necklaces for kids. It was a really fun experience.  It was quite simple to get started with the necklace making project.
  • Glass beads can also be tied on to hair for making unique hairstyles. I stole this idea from a fashion magazine where a bride was wearing pearls in her hair. Everybody knows hair accessories don’t come cheap and it’s hard to keep matching accessories for every outfit. I used bobby pins for fixing these beads in my hair and went to the after wedding party of my friend with a unique hairstyle. Everybody just adored the idea.
  • 2You can even sew the beads onto your clothes for your own stylish line of clothes. You don’t need to sell them, you can keep them for yourself. Beads around the hemline and around the neck of the shirt can create a really classy look. Designer clothes with beaded hemlines are also available. Even jackets come with beads. You can adorn your clothes and create your own style by sewing beads onto them. I have designed a shirt with glass beads on for my friend.
  • Just like designing clothes, these beads can also be used for dressing up wallets and purses. It is not necessary to sew them up, they can also be glued. But for that, be sure that you choose the glue that can get transparent when it dries. Don’t choose those beads that have holes as you don’t intend to sew them up. Just make a pattern and glue the stones along. It is going to be a perfect DIY project.

While purchasing these beads, it is important that you check the quality. The edges of the beads should be fine. The ones with rough edges can make you get cuts on your fingers. You can keep both expensive and the inexpensive ones to make combination of projects.


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