Getting The Right Cabochon Settings Is Essential

When we talk about the jewelry making, it is important that everything included in the making process should be precise, qualitative, and of the right size. If there would be a lack of any item which is not correct in size, shape, and finishing then we cannot design and create the right accessory.

Untitled1When I started creating the jewelry items, I was always very much concerned about the items I was picking up. In my opinion, whatever accessory item I am going to produce, it should have accurate cabochon settings. If it is not in the accurate size and shape, then there are chances that the accessory item will get broken right after wearing it for twice or thrice. The good setting will increase the life of accessories. Everyone, who is interested in the accessory making, must keep this technique in mind.

What are the different types settings available in the market?

The number of cabochon settings can be seen in the market and they have a huge variety available. They can be obtained in many shapes and sizes easily now.  You can have them in the materials like:

  • ­Porcelain,
  • Woven,
  • Plastic,
  • Wood,
  • Lamp work,
  • Glass,
  • Polymer clay,
  • Gemstones,
  • Resin,
  • Shell and many others.

As I have mentioned earlier that there are various types of cabochon settings available for the accessories making. With these settings, you can create any type of accessory you want. The settings offered by the manufacturer are:

  • Earring settings: You can get the settings for the earrings. Fix them with the respective pulse, gem, stone, or whatever you want and create in form of some great looking piece of earrings. You can get different colors for this setting including bronze, silver, gold, antique style, etc.
  • Brooch setting: Brooch looks classy, always. The accessory makers like to create them as they are highly approached by the ladies. If you are also in the jewelry making then do get them and make some nice pieces. I always create some catchy pieces with the antique and gemstone designs.Untitled2
  • Pendant settings: The most demanding pieces of jewelry that everyone wants is the pendant. Get yourself the best quality settings at very cheap prices. With the different types, you can make some good looking pieces, which may get popular amongst your clients.
  • Ring settings: Get the different designs of ring settings and manufactured best looking rings for yourself or for your customers.

How to get this item?

I also have found that the growing number of wholesalers in the market has made it easy for the interested buyers to order and purchase them instantly. Many old wholesalers are selling this item at reasonable rates. If you choose to buy them from new sellers then they will definitely charge you extra. Other than that, there are many internet companies and wholesalers present, who are also offering all the varieties at very low prices. But, always make sure that you are approaching to the trustworthy company instead of any fraudulent one.


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