DIY Round Up

DIY jewelry

The above DIY round ups are from Rachel Sampouw. They all very easy jewelry to do! After viewing tons of jewelry designs, you may find jewelry making is such a magical and great hobby that every girls should give a try. In my world, there’re no ugly beads, but lack of design inspirations, or bad color match ability. Bracelet A was mainly used the basic knotting skill – square knot, to braid the millefiori glass beads in. It’s an easy knotting technique I often made when I was a child. Earrings B, you can see they are clustered with ball pins connected beads. Necklace C is a kind of Chinese style, as Rachel used the Chinese printed porcelain beads , the flowers printed on the bead surface are pretty nice, right? Bracelet D, it used polymer clay beads, the patterns on the surface is a kind of ethnic style. All in all , these DIY round ups involves no complicated beading patterns. If you want to end up cool designs, pay more attention to the beads colors and findings match. Choose appropriate beads for jewelry making carefully will bring your surprise!


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