The Charm Of Wooden Beads

Throughout history, whether it be the people of the stone age or today’s modern and chic youth, women have used jewelry to adorn and beautify themselves and simultaneously, women have used many different kinds of beads from the stone to the crystals to the amethysts and rubies to the topaz and gold and sapphire to pearls to seashells to animal teeth to gemstones of an in-numerable variety. One such kind of bead included in this long list of the different kinds of beads is the most sturdy, the most durable and the most firm with creaminess in texture and monotony in color and smoothness in feel: the wooden beads.

3In today’s day and age, skilled bead crafters are able to find a large collection of various beans that differ in shapes, textures and sizes at their disposal to work with. From the Ice age encampments to the ancient Egyptian tombs and the buried archaeological cities and monuments, there has been sufficient evidence to state that the use of beaded jewelry has been approved and encouraged in the society to a large extent.

There are many advantages of using wooden beads that accounts for people usually preferring to use wooden beads as a part of their jewelry instead of the more lustrous pearls or the more elegant crystals and gems. Firstly, wooden beads are accessible and available. They never go out of supply or short in the marketplace simply because the source of their extraction is plenty and the cost involved is remarkably less. Hence, in an overall comparison, wooden beaded jewelry is also cheaper and cost-effective than any other kind.

Now let us move on to the second reason. The weight of a necklace around your throat or a heavy and cumbersome band around your wrist is an absolute no-no. So what to do when we want to dress to impress and yet remain as light as a feather?

The answer is quite simple. ‘Use wooden beads as an essential component of your jewelry.’ Wooden beads are lightweight and easily manageable, so grab the benefit with both hands.

ethics-wood-beadsThirdly, wooden beads offer a flexibility and versatility that is very hardly found in other components used in jewelry making. There are a variety of processes involved that make use of wooden beads in a simple manner such as painting them or getting them waxed and stained or embedding or carving them to give a completely different yet eye-catching and breath-taking and knee-buckling result

Look around us. And have a god look once again. What do you see?

We live in a world where fashion is at its pinnacle and the world has been dominated by artificial and fake yet beautiful wonderment’s. The natural sparkle of nature has been left behind to make way for an enhanced and surgically or mechanically more improved and certainly far more efficient way to deal with things in almost all aspects of life. Midst this world the use of wooden beads shines like a beacon in darkness and gives a feeling of genuine and natural beauty so go forth and take that beauty all for yourself and outshine every other with the allure and dazzle of wooden beads.


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