Jewelry Making With Cabochon Settings

Making jewelry is easy when one knows the right techniques to create fine quality jewelry items. It is definitely a good challenge when one decides to take a step in the jewelry making world. People whether starters or professionals in the jewelry making business, all love the passion from which things are done and like facing challenges with their competitors. Antique jewelry is always something that everybody likes to buy. When people see cabochon jewelry they go nuts. My all-time favorite is the jewelry item made from cabochon settings. These are the most amazing pieces you can ever buy for your collection.

What Are Cabochons?

Cabochons are the cuttings in the form of gemstones that are shaped and polished. They have a flat back and dome shape at the upfront. They are single and solo stones that can be faceted to the bezels or bases for rings, earrings etc. I have always found them amazing for making jewelry items. Cabochon settings are called cab in short. Numerous jewelry pieces have them on to make them look worthy. These are included in the gemstone category. You will see them in all kinds from asymmetrical to geometrical shapes. They are secured in place with wires, other beads and metal bases.

il_fullxfull.260045194How Cabochon Are Used In Jewelry?

These are usually used in jewelry with the help of beads, metal bases and wires. There are metal bases and bezels onto which cabochons are fitted for completing the jewelry look. As I told you cabs have got flat backs so they can perfectly fitted and secured on bases of jewelry. You can even create your own cabochon settings if you are familiar with the right-angle weave and peyote. Crafting supplies can also be used in making these settings and you can add your own style to the metal base as well.

Techniques for Cabochon Settings

Take a look on the step-by-step method to know how to use cabochon settings and set cabochons.

  • Get a stone that you want to use in making jewelry. Get a silver bezel and wrap it with a small overlap on the stone. Cut the extra silver bezel
  • Lay both the ends of bezel side by side and press the flat nose plier against
  • Place the cabochon on the bezel. Hold the stone from the upper side onto the bezel. Roll the bezel roller along the edges of the bezel.
  • Repeat the above step to secure the cabochon in place of the setting
  • Press the whole thing with a burnisher to make sure the stone is held in place firmly and completely
  • Again run the bezel roller on the edges for double check and bring in the shine

Making jewelry with the cabochon settings has always been a pleasure for me. I also assume that it is as delightful to other people as well. These things can make s single stone make look the best ever. No one can refuse to have the cabochon jewelries and add them in their collection.


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