Earring Hooks and Their Kinds

Back in the old days, I was very fond of making jewelry for myself, my friends and for my mum. While making that jewelry, I had to consider every single part of it as details are what make a good jewelry item. Every selection of the things you are using in your particular project matters. In case you are going to make an earring you need to have the right things for that as the part where earrings are worn is a delicate part of the body so no risk should be taken.

Plain Hook

The plain hook is the most famous one when it comes to make earrings. A plain wire is twisted and made in shape of the hook and attached to whatever earring you have made. I made these by myself to save money but it does not matters that much. Heavy earrings always have these hooks as they make them stay in place. These earring hooks can be purchased at low prices and even at wholesale.

22‘S’ Shaped Hook

Probably by the name, you all can guess the hook is in ‘S’ shape. The wire of the hook is bent in ‘S’ shape and makes the earring have a more stylish appearance.

Lobster Claw

Another hook used for earrings is the lobster claw. They are actually made for bracelets and necklaces but are also used in manufacturing small earrings. They can also be made customized with the type of wire material you want to have.

Apart from these, there are tons of other kinds of hooks I have seen attached with earrings. All these earring hooks are easy to find at affordable prices. You can use these earrings hooks and create beautiful pieces of earrings yourself too. Every kind of hook is made from different type of metals and is available at shops near your houses and at online stores too.

Things to Consider While Using Earring Hooks

Once you start getting into the jewelry making business, there is no way you can suffer loss. This is because people love all kinds of jewelry items whether ordinary or fancy or made from any sort of material. Making those pieces unique and creative is the key to make your jewelry item sale.

If you are going to use the earring hooks then there are certain things you have to keep in mind:

  • Aluminum

If you have got aluminum hooks then make sure you are not sensitive to them. Otherwise you might end up with some allergy.

  • Nickel

Some people also suffer from reactions from earring hooks made from nickel.

  • Copper

Copper is mostly used in wires for earrings and other jewelry items and is less known for allergic reactions. One drawback of using copper wire for earring hooks is that it makes the ear hole green. Although there is no harmful reaction due to this but only that copper leaves the ear hole in green color.

You will find several other materials that earring hooks are made from such as brass, surgical steel, silver, gold and colorful artistic wire.

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