Guide On Buying Wholesale Beads

If you are a serious jeweler making enthusiast, then I would recommend you to purchase wholesale beads for creating various pieces of fashion jewelry. Another great benefit of buying these beads is that they can let you save a significant amount of money. Even in wholesale, you will find the beads in a number of different designs. I also purchase them in wholesale to make jewels according to my own styling preferences. It is best to look for mixed beads to meet your jewelry making requirements.

Before you go for choosing any kind of wholesale beads, it is best that you read the guide below to make the right decision.

Evaluating the beads

Most of the crafters purchase a strand of beads at a time. Some even purchase them in larger quantities.  If you wish to complete big projects then for that you must always purchase them in wholesale. In that way, you will get to purchase them in wholesale price which will of course let you save money. You must be aware of the types of beads you wish to buy.

22Beading material

Usually, the wholesale beads are available in 5 common materials. Each of them has been discussed below:

  1. Glass: These are one of the oldest beads available in matte and high shine finish. They can be used for almost any type of jewelry project. You can find in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Acrylic: These are the ones that are similar to plastic. This material is being widely used for making beads. They are ideal for making jewelry of children. They are light weighted but useful in making various pieces of jewelry. Most of all, they are durable too.
  3. Crystal: These are mostly used for making costume jewelry. The material has the ability of adding sparkle. The most commonly used form of crystal beads are the Swarovski beads.
  4. Gemstones: These beads can be really heavy. They are often found in polished form. You can find them in a variety of shapes. They are used for making necklaces as well as bracelets.
  5. Metal: Metal such as brass, silver, Tibetan and pewter is also used for making beads. They are used in combination with the glass beads.
  6. Wood: They are the most used item for making jewelry for children as well as adults. They are available in different forms and colors.

It is recommended that you buy mixed lot of beads. It may sound strange but with the mixed lot, you will get to have a combination of different wholesale beads all in the same box. They may come in different shapes, sizes, colors and types. It is beneficial to purchase a lot of mixed wholesale beads once. I have bought one too and you will be amazed that I am still using different beads from the same lot to make various pieces of jewelry. Along with this, you can always order a specific set of beads to keep on meeting your needs. You will love to use them for designing different jewelry items.


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