2nd Round of October Projects – 1st November Project

So beautiful, especially the green beaded necklace. I love using faceted glass beads to DIY accessories. Thanks for sharing!

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Time for a new post 🙂 Much earlier than I thought, but it’s Sunday early afternoon, nice & quiet on my end, a few things to write about so why not now?

I had a couple of earrings pending posting on my blog. I made this pair in July, but didn’t post it in the June-July 2014 Projects because I didn’t know then what to make with these 2 small pieces. I decided only this week they should be earrings 😛 Here they are:


Then, the earrings I made to go together with the necklace from the September 2014 Projects post:


And a new set I made these past couple of days with some beads I received from a colleague. She gave them to me because she’s cleaning her house. I told her right away they’d return to her in a different form very soon. I didn’t know what to make with them…

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