8 Geometric Jewelry Ideas For You

I always believe “Simple is the best.” Like geometric jewelry, their dramatic lines are so neat but pretty. Most geometric designs are often seen in architectures, but geometric jewelry can be so stunning chic designs to take your whole look in to next level. If you love architectural designs, this collections of the following geometric jewelry will surely attract you interest. By combining normal designs with geometric triangles, circles, three-dimensional shapes, your jewelry accessories will turn out to be so unique and personalized. Hope you will enjoy them!


1, Triangulum necklace: get some long tube beads and use wire to connect them to form triangle dimension.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace

2, DIY Geometric Bead Necklace: Made by natural wood beads. You can paint the dimensional wooden beads with the colors you like.

DIY Geometric Bead Necklace 1

3, DIY Triangle Beaded Necklace: Black long thin tube beads and golden small are used in this easy deigns. You may draw the triangle pattern on paper and then get started.


4, DIY Geometric Bracelet: Don’t get it wrong, this one is made out of wires, not jump rings. If you’re not good at wire wrapping, you may use jump rings with bigger diameters to try.


5, DIY Faux Labradorite Geo Drop Earrings: Have you ever played with polymer clay? This earring will need to bake polymer clay for earring droplets and stud. Wow, will be so much fun~


6, Neon Jewelry Upcycled Necklace: Totally love this creative idea! I love using jewelry making leftovers to whip up something beautiful!


7, DIY – Upcycled Statement Necklace: Another ups-cycled jewelry idea! Super easy to go! Only old earring clip and chain are needed.


8, Geometric Necklace: Again, baking clay beads is the necessary step. Then use your nail polish to paint them.

Which one is your favorite? I love the first one and it seems to be challenging, can’t wait to try!! LOL~ Hope you will love this round up and get jewelry making supplies and do them yourself. Nice days~


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