5 Ideas Of DIY Snowflake Earrings For Christmas

It was only a month until this Christmas. How fast this year has flown! You’ve must been busy with the Christmas planning list. Have your got any jewelry gifts prepared? jewelry, like little earrings, cute bracelet,etc. are wonderful gifts to be given to your friends and family. Check the below 5 types of snowflake earrings and try the one your favorite one! Some of them may a little difficult, some may quite easy.

snowflake earrings1

Wire Snowflake Earrings: If you are good at wire wrapping, this snowflake earrings can be finished without efforts. Use pliers to wrap the 2 wire frames and connect them together to form snowflake frame and wrap Tibetan beads and green glass beads on with thin wires. Attach the earring hook to finish.

snowflake earrings3

Beaded Snowflake Earrings: Wrap brass silver wires on beaded hoop earrings, and attach the earring hooks.  Easy!

snowflake earrings4

Easy Beaded Snowflake Earrings: Fasten 3 straight wires to form 6 branches, add beads on. But you will need to thread each of the branch separately, alternating color, size, and shape.


Snowflake Charm Earrings: If you think the above designs are a little too complicated, try buy snowflake charms&pendants. Connect snowflake charms, beads, bead spacers and earring hooks with jump rings and eye pins. This one is the easiest one that beginners can surely give it a go!

snowflake earrings6

Paper Quilled Snowflake Earrings: Special earrings used with papers. Fold the papers and glue them to form snowflake shape. No complicated skills involved.

Which of the above snowflake earrings is your favorite then?


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