Making Bib Rhinestone Necklace


Bib necklace made from colorful rhinestones!

Rhinestone beads are the top materials for decorating, as well as jewelry making. Diversified rhinestone beads gather on old fabric show a glamour bib necklace.  If you love glittering rhinestone beads, follow to see the bib necklace DIY. The easy tutorial ends up another great piece for your wardrobe!

Get the below jewelry making supplies:

rhinestone beadsa



Black felt sheet
Brown satin ribbon
0.5mm copper wire
Flat nose plier
Wire cutter
Glue gun


Step 1, cut a piece of old fabric of the bib shape;
Step 2, drip glue to the back of rhinestone cabochon and press them on on the fabric firmly;
Step 3, wrap the copper wire on bib necklace;
Step 4, snip a piece of ribbon and glue both ends on the bib necklace.

This beautiful rhinestone bib necklace is easily done! Wanna have a try?


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