6 DIY Woven Jewelry To Try In Winter!

What jewelry do you love to make most in winter time? My favorite ones are weaving, braiding with any threads, chains, hemp cords, leathers, beads and so on. Winter is obviously the best time of year to play with different cords as people tend to wear accessories that are more comfortable and warmer. So in this post, you’ll get 6 ideas of woven jewelry pieces that are easy to follow!

Woven Chain Bracelet
Using bright colors of embroidery threads to weave around the big chain, so end up with big wrapped chain bracelet and also a pretty choker necklace. Easy!

Woven Leather Bracelet
Attach a flat golden chain, with pink suede cords and leather cords woven through each link to become a woven chain bracelet. Love this idea!!

Woven Ethnic Necklace
Wow, what a neat and pretty woven bead necklace, love the colors!

Quick simple style by weaving two rows of beads. Are you the one who love making hemp bracelets? It’s been popular, especially in winter.

ribbon pearl woven bracelet
Oh, ribbon! It’s definitely a classic girly look. Such an elegant ribbon pearl bracelet is suitable for some formal event like wedding.

Glittery Scrap Woven Necklace
The last piece was a mixed work with chains, rhinestone mesh ribbon, and other jewelry findings. If you’ve got  scrap like this, just give it a shot. –Glittery Scrap Necklace

Did any of the above pattern inspire you? Prepare jewelry making supplies and try your own out! Do not forget to share your work with us in the comment!

Get more DIY jewelry ideas inspired here.


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