Quality Of The Beads Is All What Matters

Working with beads is not just a way of making jewelry, for many enthusiasts, it is a passion. Similar is the case with me. I am interested in making different patterns with beads and making a seed. The only problem is that it is not easy to make a seed if the beads you are using are not good in quality. While tightening them up in thread and passing them through the needle, if the beads are not of good quality, then they will break. Some beads might pass, some might break in between and some might break after you are done with creating a seed. This is what happened with me when I started with jewelry making. As I was new, I was not aware about purchasing quality beads.

Untitled1I had been buying wholesale beads and that made me think that it was because of the wholesale purchase that the quality of the beads was not good. So, I shifted towards buying beads from retail stores. They were expensive but I still faced the same issue.

The problem was not properly evaluating the quality of the beads. It does not matter whether you are buying wholesale beads or the retail beads, if you don’t really care about the quality, your final product will never come up to your expectations. Seriously, that can make you lose your customers and it will eventually leave a huge impact on your business.

Guide to check on quality of breads

Whether you are buying the wholesale beads or the retail beads, here are some tips that can let you assure you have bought quality product:

  • The color of the beads is the very first thing you must examine. Do you think it is dyed or it’s the originally colored beads? You can ask the shop keeper to tell whether these are dyed beads or not. Do not choose the ones that are dyed. Their color would fade away very easily.
  • The next thing you need to see is that if the beads are stiff in holding or not. By touching them, you will easily get to know that if these can easily break or they will remain durable.

How to ensure the quality while buying online?

For those of you who are buying wholesale beads online, it is recommended to first check whether the online store is trustworthy or not. Then the next thing would be to check the quality of beads they are offering. It might be difficult to check the quality of wholesale beads online. You can either rely on the customer reviews or you can check the quality of the beads by ordering a few of them. This would make you know whether it would be a good option to purchase beads from the particular wholesaler or not.

In the end, when you will have the best quality beads in hand, it would never be a problem for you to make any kind of jewelry item. The final product would be pleasing and most of all it would be high in quality.


3 thoughts on “Quality Of The Beads Is All What Matters

  1. I totally agree with your points. At times, I feel that I’ve paid more at the retail stores for the same quality of the wholesales ones.

    Thank you so much for sharing! Cheers~ 😀


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