Guide For Purchasing Wholesale Charms

Charms are meant for defining your personality as they tell what your interests or likes are. If you are seeing some girl wearing a charm bracelet where musical instruments are hanging, then you would probably think she likes music. That is because that’s what these charms define. You can find charms in different variety such as animals, shoes and accessories, books, birds and just about any other type you like.

If you are newly working with charms, I would recommend you to choose the wholesale charms. These charms are usually sold in the set of 20 to 150. You must be sure about what type of charms you are looking for before you actually buy the set. Another most essential thing is to consider your budget.

wholesale charmsHere I have mentioned some important factors that you need to keep in mind while you are about to choose the wholesale charms:

  • Appearance

Appearance of the charms is important because they define your personality. You will be making charm brackets and necklaces for your customers so appearance cannot be neglected. You will firstly have to consider the shape of the charm. They are available in different shapes and you will need most of them because you are making jewelry for others. They can include accessories, music charms, books and more. The next thing that matters is color and you will find these charms in large colorful options. Size of the charm is the next thing that is going to matter. You can find them in large and small sizes easily. Large ones can be used for giving a bolder statement. They can be a perfect choice for necklaces as the small ones usually fit the bracelets.

  • Material

When you will explore the markets, you are going to find the wholesale charms in a number of metal types. Keep in mind the material you choose is going to influence the durability of your final product. The kind of material in which charms can be found include glass, stone, wood, plastic, silver and even gold. The type of material you choose for making charms is going to decide the price of your charm necklace or bracelet. Only purchase expensive charms if you know you will find customers who would be interested in buying these expensive charm bracelets or necklaces otherwise, they will just keep on lying there in the stock and nobody would buy them.

  • Latch

The way charms are worn can be different than what you expect. Charms come in latches and these latches help you up in positioning the charms. Before you buy wholesale charms, it is recommended that you ask the seller how the charms are attached to the actual bracelets.

With these important considerations, you will come up with the right supply of charms for your bracelet. Be careful how to use them to make nice pieces of bracelets and necklaces to sell further. Just be sure the quality is good and they are attached nicely. You can make more money if you offer customized charm bracelet and necklaces.


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