Complete Your Jewelry with the Jewelry Findings

Have you ever seen an earring without a hook or a backing? Or any bracelet without clasps? Perhaps not because if these items don’t have their back ends then they won’t be able to sell nor be wearable. It is necessary to have them with the jewelry items in order to secure them. They are called jewelry findings that are meant to be attached to every kind of jewelry item. The findings that are called as stones are also used in jewelry to attach them together. These are beads, bails, jump rings, headpins and drops. Apart from hooks and backings they also play a vital role in getting the jewelry pieces together.

The types of jewelry findings used in making jewelry are:

  • Antique Silver Jewelry Findings

findingsThese are the jewelry pieces made from silver chains or silver beads that can be used as findings as well. Apart from looking elegant in appearance they are also best when it comes to durability and strength. People who make jewelry in bulk and sell instantly use these jewelry findings in their items. They are not at all much expensive and do not even consist of nickel which may cause allergy.

  • Gold Jewelry Findings

These findings are more preferable than any other findings as there are none or less chances that one might get allergy by wearing these. Being stronger than any other metal this is also expensive to use in ordinary jewelry. Gold covered metal beads, blue, green and red stones look good with gold findings.

  • Nickel Jewelry Findings

These are the most common and not to forget cheap jewelry findings ever used in the history of jewelry items. They are sometimes even plated. The plating might get off due to thin layer coating. If you are allergic to nickel findings then better switch to some other finding jewelry for yourself. It causes skin allergy, rashes and gets fungus on people who are allergic to it. If you are not allergic to it then making jewelry for yourself with these is fine but when you are about to make jewelry for other people then I would ask you to take a deeper look at the requirements of your customers.

  • Homemade Jewelry Findings

People who are passionate about jewelry making even make jewelry findings for themselves. A couple of my friends did too. For this tools that have the ability to cast and melt the metals are usually used. Working with these tools, you need to be very careful. Without experience and training you won’t be able to make them right.

  • Brass Jewelry Findings

Being very strong, they are the jewelry items that are antique and appear old. Casual jewelry also has got these findings on them. They are often replaced by nickel to avoid allergy.

You can get all these findings from the online stores available. They have got quality products that are sold on special offers and promotions. You can even get discounts on them. Choose the site wisely and order yourself findings for making jewelry.  


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