Some Questions about Lava Beads Answered

I love making jewelry at home and that makes me want to explore new and new products that can further make my passion of jewelry making intense. The latest type of beads that have caught my attention are the lava beads. If you are a jewelry hobbyist, you might be interested to know about these beads like many other people. They are just amazing, you can find them in a variety of shapes and sizes and they can let you create interesting jewelry items.

All those who have heard of lava beads for the first time or those who had been searching for some information about them, here are a few questions about them answered.

What are lava beads and what are they made from?

lava beadsThey are a sort of earthy beads that are quite elegant looking. It would be a lot strange to learn this that they were actually formed with molten rocks. These rocks are found below the earth’s surface where there is a lot of heat and pressure. Volcanic eruptions send these rocks to the surface where they cool down. Once the rocks are solidified after cooling down, the bead makers collect them and turn them into beads.

Why these beads are considered so special?

Lava beads are certainly considered to be special because they are quite unique and capable of making nice pieces of jewelry items. They contain natural bubbles and you must know that no two beads look the same. Some of them also contain holes which makes them light and comfortable for wearing. The globules present inside these beads come in gray, brown and black color. You can easily buy them in whatever color you want because the makers have come up with many ways of dyeing the beads into different colors. They come polished so they are smooth to make pieces of jewelry with and they are comfortable to wear as well.

Are lava beads natural?

Yes some of these beads are natural but not all the ones available in the market are naturally occurring ones. The ones that are natural actually look and feel natural as well. If you want to buy them in their natural form, then you have to choose a reputable seller for getting the genuine globules.

Do they have any special characters?

These beads have special physical properties which not many people are aware of. These stones are considered to be a symbol of strength, fertility and endurance. It is believed that lava stone is capable of providing stability in the bad times. It is also believed that they are capable of strengthening the relationship of man with the planet because they come from below the surface of Earth. It is even said that the American Indians before going into their battle wore these stones to break through the difficult times.

If you wish to create something unique and new, you will find lots of choices in the lava beads. You can even charge those jewelry prices higher that are made from lava stone. Believe me, you will attract many customers.


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