Guide To Finding Wholesale Jewelry Supplies

When I started my business of selling handmade jewelry, I started it because of my interest in crafty projects. I had no intentions of selling the jewelry pieces but when my friends and family saw my work, they suggested me to take it to the next level. It was they who encouraged me to convert my passion into business. They said that the jewelry pieces were actually quite good. It attracted them and so it also started attracting others. Within no time, it turned into a lucrative business. I have learned that if you do what you love and you convert your passion into business, then you can make a lot of money out of it just like me.

Now speaking of starting the business of jewelry making, you will need some jewelry supplies my friend. The supplies you choose are going to make or break the success of each of your jewelry project. If you are new to jewelry making or it has been a while since you are working on it, you would fully understand the importance of wholesale jewelry supplies. If you are a person who wants to save the cost of making jewelry and increase the profits, you cannot neglect these wholesale supplies.

UntitledHere I have gathered some information for all the newcomers so that they can find the wholesale jewelry supplies easily without going through much trouble:

  • Catalogue shopping can help you find jewelry supplies in wholesale. If you ask any jewelry maker, he would say that it is the most convenient way of buying beading supplies and other jewelry supplies in bulk. They have certain price tiers set. If you want to choose the top quality supplies, the price tier might be higher. So you can see how to save money by buying supplies varying in quality.
  • The beading shows can let you find many wholesale jewelry supplies. From here, you can easily find hand crafted goods, findings and even gems. You can also find such bead shows where wholesale and retail sections are made separately. If you want to grab a bargaining deal, you can always move to the wholesale section. This place is going to make you find many unique supplies from all over the world which are rare and expensive to buy otherwise.
  • Internet is also one of the best places to buy wholesale jewelry supplies. There are lots of reliable stores now that are readily offering various jewelry supplies. Instead of physically visiting one shop to another, you can simply purchase anything you want from the internet. In the beginning, you might have to do some effort and spend some time in finding the most reliable store.

Make sure you check the quality of the supplies when you are buying in wholesale because it can be hard to return so much. It might be hard to judge the quality online so what you can do is buy these items physically. One of the friends made this mistake and repented later. Don’t let this happen to you.


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