Valentine’s Gift – DIY Book Pendant Necklaces

book necklace

This is an adorable Valentines gift idea for carrying your soul mate’s saps wherever you go, and also a great gift idea to show your love! Below tutorial is about making a easy photo album necklace using just recycled fabric, paper, jump ring and ball chain. It’s really fast and easy to finish.You can make a bunch of them, as gifts for your friends and family. Use different pretty cloth, and change up the shape and colors, and each one is unique.

Photo Jewelry Gifts on Making a Tiny Album Book Pendant Necklace at Home

You can even be inspired to create more unique book page pendant necklaces like these ones by adding vintage pendants. Many of you love the old classic style of jewelry trends, including me. And I had some leftovers for antique cheap pendants from previous designs, like heart, leaves, keys and so on. I think they are enough for me to make a bunch of the book pendant jewelry for Valentine gifts! haha~

book necklace vintage book necklace

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