Attributes of Magnetic Clasps You Might Want To Know

Magnetic clasps are being used on almost all of the jewelry pieces that need to be tied together. If you are a jewelry maker, then you would know this well that they are used in combination with the silk cord necklaces. These are the fasteners that are easy to use by not just the one wearing the jewelry, but also the one making the jewelry. They are really inexpensive but that does not mean you are not going to find them in bad quality. If you have ever tried using other types of clasps such as the lobster clasp or other hooks, you would know it well that it is very complicated to pull them together.

magnetic claspThere are certain myths about magnetic clasps that have discouraged people from using them for jewelry making. Before you think these clasps are not a good investment, I have separated some positive attributes about them which every jewelry maker must know:

  • They are easy to use. If they are fixed around a necklace, you can easily open and fasten it without asking for anyone’s help.
  • They are quite inexpensive. A home jewelry designer can easily afford them. They are widely available in different sizes and shapes so you can use them on any kind of jewelry piece.
  • They are best for children jewelry. It can be really hard for children to fasten and unfasten jewelry. If any other clasp is being used, they might hurt themselves. These clasps serve as the best alternative because they open and close with magnetic field.
  • If you have a busy life and you have stopped wearing necklaces and bracelets because you find it hard to open or fasten your jewelry just due to the clasps involved then you can start wearing jewelry again. You would be amazed to know that most of the celebrities wear jewelry with magnetic clasps because it is easy to change such accessories. You don’t have to get stuck into any kind of hassle.
  • They are durable, they don’t wear out quick like those spring or lobster clasps.
  • You will not have to meet a situation in which they won’t unfasten. One end has a ring and the other has a straight line of metal. The straight metal is longer than the ring and the metal side is supposed to go inside the ring. So, in that case, you won’t have to apply any force to open the clasp and it is very rare that it won’t come out.
  • You can purchase them from any jewelry store. Whether you go online or look for them at physical stores, you will find them in different variety and they will exactly fit the jewelry piece you wish to create.

I have used these magnetic clasps with other clasps too for making the jewelry piece more secure. So, you are going to have complete confidence that your jewelry piece will be secure. There are some demanding customers who want such kind of security. You can also use these clasps with others to make the jewelry piece more secure.


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