Using Glass Cabochons for Making Jewelry

Have you ever worked with the glass cabochons? They are one of best gems I have worked with so far as you can get to make exotic pieces of high quality jewelry with them. They are convex shaped with a flat back which makes it easier to mount them on anything. I have found them in lots of variety, some of them were flat faced while others had detailed surfaces. I have even learned ways of producing them. They can be created from gemstones and shells too. I have used the ones made with glass. These are commonly used for making the glass earrings and glass pendant necklaces. You can also use them for making bracelets, necklaces and charms. If you are interested in using glass in jewelry making, then I would suggest you to work with glass cabochons. They are one of the best and easiest accessories to work with.

cabochonsCabochons made from glass have now become one of the popular choices of jewelry makers. They have a smooth and polished bottom and a polished but elevated surface. You can find then in a variety of shapes and styles but the most popular shape for these beads is the dome shape. There is a special cabochon setting with which they are attached to pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings. They are heavier than other beads, therefore, the jewelry items made from them are also heavy. That is why customers call them high quality fashion jewelry.

You are going to need soft wire for wrapping them and gluing them to the cabochon setting and hook with the pendant or any other jewelry item. I have even used them on clothes and accessories like clutches, hand bags and similar other craft projects. The most wonderful project I have completed with the glass cabochons was the one with lamp work.

You can use them in combination with seed beads too just because you can make a colorful combination with them. Because of their domed top, they are capable of adding elegance and uniqueness to the jewelry item. It is always versatile to use them for making jewelry and even wearing them. I have many clients who ask for customized jewelry pieces made from cabochons. They like it too much just because of its versatility. I have to search for high quality cabochon so that whatever jewelry item I make, it is made with the best supplies of all.

When you are up for buying glass cabochons, you will have to be quite careful about the quality because there are lots of suppliers out there in the markets who have them made out of low quality materials. Some of them don’t even have a good finish. That is not the kind of stones you need for making low quality jewelry pieces. Hence, be careful with your choice.

You are going to be amazed to see the colors, textures and finishes in cabochons. However, don’t get overwhelmed, first be sure that you have chosen them in the best quality so that you could make quality jewelry pieces.


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