Do You Know Everything About Seed Beads and Their Storage?

Jewelry making business starts off with the right tools and the right kind of supplies. Apart from these tools and supplies, beads are also an essential part of the whole process. You can simply do nothing with the supplies if you haven’t got the beads with you. If you have decided to make jewelry items then trying out the seed beads will be a good choice. These beads are quite small when it comes to the size and they stay the best for the items in the clothing line apart from the jewelry making process.

The beads are called seed as they are shaped in such a way that appears to look just like a seed. You will find these beads from different retailers. You can buy them from any kind of jewelry store. These beads have got ends which are flattened which make them able to hold on to the wire easily. The seed beads have got a variety of shapes some of which are accompanied with facets and some are extended. They are manufactured with glass which can be either transparent or opaque. They also have got metal lining to make them look fancy. You can find these beads in tons of shades. Some beads may have a single color but some may be multi-shaded as well.

beadsIf you are looking forward to buy seed beads then buying them from online sites would be the best idea. I recommend these online sites as they have got a lot of deals and discounts on their products which makes it easy to buy them. If you want to purchase these for business purposes then you can go for the wholesale option. Buying beads in bulk from retailers might prove to be too costly. So be wise and save your money by going for wholesale beads for your crafting purposes.

If you are done with your project and you have got no use of the remaining seed beads then you might want to store them. Storing them without getting them damaged can also be done. Here I’m going to tell you about three methods by which you can store your precious beads.

  • The tubes in which the beads come in can be used to store them. You can take off any labels or stickers on the tube and make it a storage for your beads. This will make it easy for you to see which color beads are placed in which tube.
  • Another thing you can do is get plastic bags for storing these beads. Choose a bag that has the same color of the beads so that you can recognize the beads when you would need them again. These plastic bags will help you in keeping the beads in place.
  • A small bin for storage can also be purchased to store the seed beads in it. Either color the whole bin or container with the same color of the beads or just place a strip with the name of the color on the container so that it becomes easier for you to recognize when you would want to use them again.

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