DIY Blooming Flower Brooch

Yes my friends, Spring is definitely here… and I bet you’ve made something really fun for the spring, right? So who can forget to make pretty crafts with flowers? Let just learn with the great beading floral brooch:

beaded blooming flower brooch

You’ll need:
3mm Round Seed Beads (Pink & Green)
8mm Faceted Round Glass Beads
Brooch findings
Round Felt Piece
0.3mm Brass Wire
Side Cutting Pliers
Wire Cutters Pliers
Hot Melt Glue Gun

Step 1, get a piece of jewelry wire ( I used 0.3mm brass wire) and thread througth 4 pink seed beads, and go cross 2 wire ends to slide another 6 pink seed beads, repeat to adding 10, 12, 14 in each line, then decrease the beads in each line until there’re 3 beads left. Apply the same method to make another 4 flower petals.
Step 2, use the above method to make the green beaded leaves.
Step 3, twist the petals and leaves together and rotate the wire ends to get a flat base, then glue a piece of felt or fabric on, Last attach it with a brooch finding. You’re done!

Not hard, is it? What projects have you made for this spring then?


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