9 Cool DIY Statement Rings

Over-sized statement rings! They are absolutely necessary accessories for every woman to add in collection! Obviously, such statement piece can accessorize your outfits and take your look to next level! Sometimes, store bought big rings are not as special as what we expected to. So I highly encourage you to DIY the personalized projects by your own. Vintage buttons, natural gemstones, sparkling rhinestones, pastel cabochons, matched with all colors of jewelry wires, or flat ring blanks, you can create the perfect statement rings for any occasion! And one thing to make this kind of rings that you should remember is the bigger, the better. 🙂 So gather up your supplies and starting turning them into really gorgeous rings! Hope you’ll love these listed big statement rings and have fun with them, too!

Row 1: Wire Wrapped RingsMessy Wrap Ring; Vintage Cabochon Ring
Row 2: Handcrafted Penny RingJewel Statement Ring; Flower Cabochon Ring DIY
Row 3: Button Statement RingsStatement RingGemstone Ring


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