Myths about Wooden Beads Debunked

wooden beasda

It has been years since the wooden beads are being used by jewelry makers. They are not just being used for creating jewelry, people have been using them for variety of other purposes as well such as for decorating garments, shoes, bags, and for making crafts. Honestly, it is up to you what project you want to work on with these beads because you can use them in anything.

I have seen many people thinking that ceramic, porcelain and glass are better to work with than wood beads. They have the point of view that these beads are not durable enough. That is a total misconception, wood beads fairly last longer than any other type of beads and an additional quality is that they are more long lasting. There are certain misconceptions of people about wooden beads, here are some of them elaborated and cleared:

  • People say wood beads deteriorate with time. That is not the case, wood can even last for a lifetime. If the material chosen is fine then you will never have to worry that these beads will wear out or they will be affected due to weather.
  • Wooden beads are at the risk of breaking. If you have chosen beads made from thin wood, they might be at the risk of breaking but if you have chosen a thick piece, then you won’t have to worry about the breakage. Thin beads can easily break when they are stepped on, dropped or sat on so be careful about the kind of beads chosen.
  • The beads that have a protectant coating that does not give a natural look. That is not entirely true. The protectant coating is just meant for sealing the beads. This coating is meant to protect the beads from the rays of sun and moisture present in the air that can cause damage. They will look the same kind of natural so don’t worry about the look.
  • The shine of wood deteriorates over time and you can do nothing about it. That is true, the shine of wood deteriorates but you can protect it with slight gloss. This can ensure that the wood retains it shine even after it has been years since you have that piece of jewelry.
  • You cannot use wood in making expensive jewelry items. Well that depends on the type of wood you have chosen. If it is a vintage piece that is combined with something luxurious then you will definitely create an expensive jewelry item.


I recommend to give wooden beads a chance because when you will explore the markets to find the variety and style, you will not be able to resist yourself from making various projects using these beads. They are less expensive than other type of beads so you can buy lots of them to experiment and create different pieces of jewelry or crafty items. Make it clear in your head what you want before you go out to purchase these beads. You will simply love what you will see in the markets.


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