Roundup: DIY Body Chain Jewelry

Lately, I’m so obsessed in viewing those chic sexy body chain jewelry. They never stop being popular among the fashion icons, especially when there’re music festivals in spring and summer. Usually these chain accessories would cost you a lot at boutique stores or craft markets, however it’s rather simple to do it ourselves unless you really go into it. All you need are some easy jewelry making supplies like chains, jumprings. And it will only take less then 20 minutes of your spare time. If you love body chain accessories, I urge you to get started to make one. Once you get the hang of the basic design, you can freely add beads or change the structure of the chains to create any styles you want. Also, not like I just mentioned, they are suitable for music festivals, I think it’s fairly easy to wear it casually too. What do you think?


DIY body chain jewelry2

DIY body chain jewelry3

DIY body chain jewelry4

DIY body chain jewelry5

DIY body chain jewelry6

DIY body chain jewelry7

DIY body chain jewelry8

DIY body chain jewelry9

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Body Chain DIY
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Leg Chain
DIY Body Chain
Chain Headpiece


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