Reblog: Hot Designs for Your Beach Trip

Hot Designs for Your Beach Trip.

hot design for your beach trip

We would all think about the beaches and sunlight in this warm weather of spring or summer. So are you planning a trip to the seaside, admiring the beautiful scenery, enjoying the sunbath, or collecting the pebbles and natural rocks? If yes, I think doing yourself some sea style jewelry will definitely make you look prettier and your vacation will be more perfect and memorable. Who don’t like attractive accessories? In below, I’ve gathered some featured beach jewelry ideas for your inspiration!

There’s no doubt that starfish or fish can fully demonstrate the big ocean. So it’s never wrong to wear beach jewelry with some cute cheap charms of sea animals. Such little cute charms for sea style jewelry can be available in local craft shops or online bead stores.

beach jewlery- starfish1


beach jewlery- starfish2


beach jewlery- starfish3


Shells and pearl beads can quickly remind people of the sea too. Their simple and elegant look will make you very beautiful, matching with any eye-catching floral printed dress. You can try with some quite basic pattern like a pair of little dangling earrings, a plain rosary bracelet, or just a necklace with a few pearls on thread.

 beach jewlery- shell1


beach jewlery- shell2


beach jewlery- pearl1


beach jewlery- pearl2


Next, it’s the popular beach jewelry, made with the material see glass, which are rubbish dumped into the sea from years ago and become beautiful recycled gems pieces. Many jewelry makers love the gentle and refreshing look of sea glass and use them to make gorgeous jewelry.

 beach jewlery- see glass2


beach jewlery- see glass1


And if you want your beach jewelry to be more real, just go for the natural stones or pebbles. Get the drilled ones from craft stores directly will save you a lot time. But you can also try to drill it yourselves if you have time and patience. I think it’s will be fun. 🙂

beach jewlery- pebbles1


Well, so much for the jewelry with sea elements, some bohemian style accessories can pop out your summer outfit as well. The boho beaded earrings, turquoise flower barefoot anklet, multi-strand bracelet, tribe necklace… Beautiful enough to complete your holiday look!

beach jewlery- boho1


beach jewlery- boho2


beach jewlery- boho3


beach jewlery- boho4


More jewelry making ideas, please visit this page.


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