12 Cute Mickey Mouse Jewelry Ideas

all mickey final

Hi guys, today I want to share with you some cute mickey mouse jewelry ideas and also hope to remind you of the old memories and happy times when you begged your dad and mom to take you to the Disney world. Some of these ideas are easy to be made by ourselves, while some require a little jewelry making skills, like the beaded mickey earrings with seed beads, and perler beads. However, you can just choose  the easy ones to give a shot. Take the first one for example, you’ll only need some hex nut to paint them in colors you love and glue them into “mickey” shape and thread through a thread! And the lovely mickey with buttons are simple to make as well: go through the big button’s 2 holes with jewelry wire and make the ring base and then glue the mickey ears with 2 smaller buttons… If you love these cute cute mickey jewelry ideas, go for the sources below and try to have your own ones! Happy making!

DIY Mickey Mouse washer necklaces

DIY Disney Minnie Mouse Ring

wire mickey mouse necklace

Vintage Mickey Mouse Ring

minnie mickey mouse pendant

Mickey ring

Wire Wrapped Disney Mickey Mouse Bangle

cute mickey mouse chunky necklace

mickey mouse earrings by perler beads

Mickey Ears Purse Bag Charm

Hand Beaded Mickey Mouse earrings




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