DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace

Choker necklaces are popular around for centuries and many of us can’t decline the stylish trend of wearing choker necklaces. So today, I’ve got an easy tutorial on teaching you to make a white pearl beaded choker necklace with aluminum chain. The “hard” and “soft” combination makes the whole design cool but elegant. I really love the classic pearls along with the subtle hematite spikes. It’s so well to wear it with demure outfits and darker streetwear easily! Now check the below steps and have fun making your own!

Supplies you’ll need to make this pearl choker necklace:
aluminum chain
glass beads
hematite spike beads
crimp beads
3-strand necklace ends
tiger tail wire
lobster claw clasp
jewelry tools

1, add one chain on both end of the 3-strand necklace end with jumprings (remember to make the proper length as your desire.)
2, Attach a 2nd chain with a little longer length of the previous chain on necklace ends.
3, Slide through 1 crimp bead on tiger tail wire and a jumpring, and through it back into the crimp bead, then smash the crimp bead flat with crimp pliers.
4, Attach the jumpring on the necklace end and start threading pearl beads.
5, Start adding hematite spike where you’re close to the center of the wire and add 1 hematite spike, 1 pearl bead, another spike… until the center part is finished. Continue the rest by adding the pearl beads and connect the pearl strand with necklace end using a jumpring.

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace s

So you’re perfectly done! Time to show off this stylish white beaded choker necklace and never miss other great jewelry tutorials! Happy crafting!

Tutorial source: Chic Steals

DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace.


One thought on “DIY White Pearl Beaded Spike Choker Necklace

  1. For everyday look, we commonly need simpler accessories so threads tassel with crystal head is preferable to add a little bit glamour to your appearance. Thank you for sharing the information with us!


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