Use Wholesale Charms to Enhance Your Jewelry Designs

wholesale charmsAs the name says wholesale charms are used to enhance the charm of jewelry items. Charms are decorative elements of an ornament that enhance the value of lovely creations of designers and improve the overall look of the person who wears it. Charms can be embellished on bracelets and anklets beautifully. The biggest USP of charms is that they have never been out of fashion. Introduction of new and versatile designs and materials have let charms to a trend and fashion statement. Charms of a larger size are used as pendants to make necklaces and earrings. For creating affordable jewelry, it is a rational decision to wholesale charms of different and unique designs to create multiple ornaments at affordable prices.

Women irrespective of age love wearing exquisite jewelry stuff. Teenage girls love funky and trendy jewelry whereas women love more sophisticated and classy jewelry. Wholesale charms can be easily customized to create amazing jewelry items for all ages. Earlier around 17th   century charms were not used as jewelry supply but were considered as a symbol of luck and protection. Charms include alloy pedants, shell pendants, cat eye pendants, gemstone pendants, foil glass pendants, plastic pendants, glass pendants, Tibetan style pendants, prayer pendants, aluminum pendants, lampwork pendants, iron pendants, porcelain pendants, pearl pendants and rhinestone pendants.

Types of wholesale charms-

Heart shaped charms – Beautifully designed heart charms are available in different materials such as clay, foil glass, glass, brass and Tibetan style. You can buy heart charms in different colors and sizes online at affordable prices. You can gift attractive charms to someone special, friends or family.

Butterfly wholesale charms- Another piece of attraction are butterfly charms that look splendid when you wear it as charms in your necklaces or bracelets. Butterflies are very pleasant to look at that brings a smile at your face. Butterfly charms signify life, positivity, rejuvenation, happy beginning and prosperity.

Geometrical shapes- Wholesale charms are also available in different types of geometrical shapes such as round, rectangle, abacus, oval, tear shaped, or many other shapes. They look attractive and symmetrical available in different colors to match your attire.

Flower charms – Flower shapes are very popular in designing jewelry for all ages. Flowers symbolize freshness, happiness, love and friendship. To gift jewelry embellished with flower charms is perfect for all kinds of occasions. Charms enhance the beauty of the ornament by adding elegance and grace. Women enjoy wearing bracelets decorate with tiny charms of different materials.


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