DIY Globe Pendant Jewelry

DIY Globe Pendant Jewelry 1

I’m totally impressed by this clear globe pendant jewelry. It looks so fragile yet beautiful; and any body owns or receives such a gift like this, should treasure it for a lifelong time! It’s like a sparkling diamond to be put in the palm of your hand and you can’t resist the beauty of it at all. Take a look at below steps and you’ll know HOW!

You’ll need below jewelry making supplies:
silver flake
rhinestone brass chain
glass chatons
silver chain
glass globe pendant
jump rings

How to make this beautiful globe pendant jewelry?

DIY Globe Pendant Jewelry

1st, Fill your glass globe with rhinestones and some silver flake, glue the globe stopper with your E6000.
2nd, Measure the diameter of globe and trim a piece of rhinestone chain and glue around the globe top.
3rd, Finish the globe pendant jewelry by stringing the globe stopper through a silver chain and attach the bracelet clasp.

DIY Globe Pendant Jewelry 2

Done! Quite easy to process, right? You can replace any other colored rhinestone chatons and create your own style. Just try this simple customized globe pendant jewelry and have fun! (tutorial source: quite lion creation )

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