Fancy Ribbon Bows for Your Business!

Love these little cute ribbon bows!

via Fancy Ribbon Bows for Your Business!.

Hi everyone, this week’s new arrivals are not beads, charms or jewelry findings; instead we launched a special new line – ribbon bows, for those who love elegance and femininity. We believe that every girl loves the adorable ribbon bow on her skirts, bags, or hair. The pretty ribbon bows could be made into hair accessories, jewelry and gift cards. How wonderful it would be to have a bow made accessories like this! Many jewelry /craft makers are looking for simple fancy ribbon bows to embellish them on their unique designs. So if you are wise Etsy seller or runs a small business, and really don’t want to spend a bunch of whole time making them by your own hands, just wholesale these lovely fancy ribbon bow from us. They all come in rich colors and pretty patterns in one pack about 200pcs – 500pcs with the prices ranging from $10- $20. They can surely save much of your time and money. So never miss this new category!

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

Fancy Ribbon Bows Fancy Ribbon Bows

With these fancy ribbon bows, you can also make some gorgeous hair ornaments like below for sale. Usually you just need to glue the bows on the hair findings or sew them on hair bands. Quite easy and pretty!

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Hair Accessories

Creative as all other craft makers, simple ribbon bows can be used on jewelry designs. Girly jewelry accessories are all about lace, ribbon, bows, aren’t they? So you can get inspired by these ribbon bow necklaces, bracelets, rings and DIY a bunch of these for your customers.

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Jewelry!

Another great use of ribbon bows are cards making. It’s quite common to receive beautiful wedding cards, gift cards and other holiday themed cards from others. If you are running a cards making business, these happy bows can add finishing touch for your cards designs!

Fancy Ribbon Bows for Cards Making

So now, do you have any idea about using above ribbon bows to expand your business? If yes, why not check out our new line for little cute ribbon bows?!


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