The Beauty of Different Types of Glass Beads

Glass Beads

The glass beads are really fascinating and the designs are made very carefully. The decorative glass beads are the best among all types of the beads available in the present market. The glass balls are popular among the people because of their artistic designs, innovative styles and the intricate patterns. They are not only effective for the preparation of the jewelry articles but also for the decoration of home and corporate articles. While looking out for the decorative glass beads you will be able to find a lot of colors and immense options as they are available in different sizes, designs and shapes. While selecting the color of glass beads it must be kept in mind regarding the type of emotions that they are trying to portray to their loved ones. In this article here are some of the glass beads that have been very popular in the present market scenario.

Frog beads: These beads are specifically preferred by the animal lovers as they provide a way for exhibiting the love for their pets. The styles that are available include a frog which is sitting on a lily pad, a dancing frog and a goofy frog. They are mostly used for the decoration of pendants, rings, earrings.

Flower beads: These beads have the shape of flower petals and this is the reason they are preferred by a huge number of bead lovers. They are mostly used in the jewelry articles like the bracelets and necklaces. The different varieties of glass and colors are mostly used by the decorators for the crafting of glass beads.

Heart beads: They are preferred by the majority of the people because of their emotional appeal and the bewitching design. These beads are very useful in creating thoughtful presents for your near and dear ones to express your love and care for them. Some of the heart beads have a plain surface and others have dotted or patterned surface. These beads have a transparent or opaque or translucent background. Every piece is created with a considerable attention to the details for making them look really appreciable.

Butterfly beads: These beads are shaped like the butterflies and they offer vibrant colors like the butterflies. These beads have the intricate patterns that are created by the designers and besides the decoration of the different jewelry; they are also used for creating different objects.


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