Personalized White Flower Bracelet DIY

White Flower Bracelet

Girly flower bracelets are always favored by young girls. They are the symbol of beauty and vigor. Today, I’m going to show you a beautiful personalized flower bracelet made by jewelry wire and pearl beads. The technique used in the piece is easy wire wrapping. You don’t have to worry it’s hard to do if you try to practice the basic messy wrap.

supplies for White Flower Bracelet DIY

Supplies need:

4mm Yellow Pearl Beads
4mm White Pearl Beads
6mm White Pearl Beads
16x8mm Beige Glass Pearl Beads
4mm Green Faceted Beads
Green Drop Beads
1.5mm Golden Aluminum Wire
0.3mm Golden Copper Wire
Round Nose Plier
Diagonal Plier
Stainless-Steel Scissor

White Flower Bracelet DIY
1, string 1 beige glass pearl and 1 yellow peal on the golden wire, wrap the wire into the gap between these 2 beads, repeat the process for 5 times and you’ll get the first white beaded flower.

Flower Bracelet DIY
2, twist thicker golden wire as shown in picture, you can use a can, which has the similar circumference as your wrist, to get the twisted bangle.
3, attach the beaded flower on one end of wire bangle and wrap 2 big drop green beads on the flower.
4, start wiring small sized beads as embellishments on the flower bracelet and repeat, the personalized flower bracelet is perfect done!

Personalized White Flower Bracelet DIY


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