Reblog: Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Love the two gorgeous pendant necklaces in the 1st picture! Green and blue crystal glass beads are so stunning, just like bright stars in the sky! 🙂

Via: Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show.

Wire wrapping is both one of easiest and most popular way to make wire wrapped jewelry including wire wrapped bracelet, wire wrapped necklace, or else jewelry with wire wrapping technique. There is no doubt that making wire wrapped jewelry needs many kinds of jewelry wire, like copper wire, memory wire, tiger tail, iron wire, aluminum wire and any other beading wire. Making wire jewelry is very easy to learn and you can make you own simple wire wrapped necklace or bracelet with basic wire wrapping techniques. Today we will show you some wire wrapped jewelry designs from our customers, hope it can inspire your own creativity and to DIY your own design.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Wire Wrapped Necklace

The first piece of design below is created by Наталья who used tiger tail wire to make this Tibetan style necklace. Tiger Tail Wires are very strong and flexible because they are made of braided wires. Special cutting or polishing makes this natural red beads strand vary in color and size, which is unique style of beads for jewelry making.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

This pretty wire wrapped necklace is made by our customer Iren, who is very smart and creative. The cornflower blue and white glass pearl beads make this necklace more elegant!

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Wire Wrapped Bracelet

Apart from using tiger tail wires, you can also choose cooper wires as awesome jewelry wires to design your favorite wire wrapped bracelets. Look at these two charming bracelets, as the candy color bracelet and turquoise bead bracelet are all created by our customer Rafael Catacora.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

charm bracelet

Wire Wrapped Earrings

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Thanks for Claudia Wesch sharing this vintage style wire wrapped earrings, which are consist of copper wires and jade beads with orange and green colors.

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

The last wire wrapped jewelry is turquoise wire wrapped earrings, shared by Cristel Djasman.

According to above beadworks shared by our customers, jewelry wires can be created into complex jewelry by making full use of your creative.

Apart from making wire wrapped jewelry with jewelry wires, customers also use wires make some exquisite crafts. Here are some special crafters designed by our customer also. Enjoy!

Wire Wrapped Jewelry Customer Show

Have you ever created wire jewelry yourself? If not, why wouldn’t you make jewelry from wire? If you’re new without basic wrapped technique, here are two quite simple tutorials DIY Pearl Rings with Jewelry Wire and Make a DIY Simple Wire Ring for you to choose from. Have fun!


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