Earthy & Gorgeous Jewelry Designs!!!

If you think that we should wear bright fiery jewelry accessories in this hot summer, you might be wrong. I believe that we shouldn’t limit ourselves in choosing perfect jewelry only according to the season or weather.  Selecting the most appropriate jewels by your outfits or mood is also something important to keep in mind. Yeah, sometimes we just want to be a quite girl and in low key. So don’t you think these gorgeous earthy jewelry designs are so wonderful to match with plain colored T shirts? Наталья Горюнова is so good at making rustic beaded bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. You can see the trick lies in that, she prefer using dark colored beads like gemstone beads, wooden beads, or seed beads, as well as old Tibetan style jewelry findings to create these fabulous projects. Most of them are with no professional skills, however the wonderful combination of beads and finds end up with so great pieces. I especially love the dark green necklace with natural agate slices pendant, which one is your favorite then? If you love them, get the ideas to try your own!


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