DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings

Chandelier earrings are never out of the fashion just like the color white and black. They are active in the fashion world and favored by jewelry designers and young women. In today’s tutorial I will tell you how to DIY a pair of eye-catching chandelier earrings.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings65
Things needed
Golden aluminum wire
Golden copper wire
Golden eye pin
Colorful turquoise beads
Wire cutter
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings3
Instructions for Making Chandelier Earrings
First, twist a loop at the end of the eye pin with a plier, and then bend the pin to form a U-shape. Repeat to make another 8.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings4
Second, cut a piece of copper wire and thread it through a white turquoise bead. Wrap the wire under the loop of the pin. Repeat to make the other turquoise bead.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings5
Third, attach the U-shape eye pin together as what the following picture shows. Attach the dangle to the eye hook.
DIY Your Own Gorgeous Chandelier Earrings6
Tada! A pair of unique and trendy chandelier is instantly completed. The bright color and the unique design together make these chandelier earrings a great feast to eye. To your great joy, this chandelier earrings tutorial is rather simple and the materials are easy to get. Even a green hand can do it at home not mention we crafts lovers. Just do it!

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