Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet

Layered bracelet, are just the bracelets with several strands of threads with beads or charms put together. They are beautiful bracelet designs due to the messy yet trendy look. The most difficult part of designing such an attractive layered bracelet is how to arrange the layers of the bracelets. It requires a lot of trials and errors before you get the perfect combination of colors, sizes and beads. Today, I will teach you how to make a multi layered bead bracelets.

Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet1
Things needed for making mutli layered bracelets
Star-shaped beads
Red bicone glass beads
Blue bicone glass beads
Clear glass beads
Eye clasp
Instructions on How to Make Layered Bead Bracelet
First, cut the linen to about 1 foot, and glue them onto the hook.
Second, thread the beads with red glass beads, blue glass beads and star-shaped beads one by one with about 5 to seven beads, or you can arrange them randomly.

Tutorial on How to Make Fabulous Layered Bead Bracelet6 Third, push all the beads closer to the beginning part, and cut the end of the linen the same length with scissors until they fit your wrist.
Fourth, trim off the extra linen and glue on the eye clasp.
Well done!!! A multi layered bracelet is instantly finished. This kind of layered bracelet design is really hot and eye-catching and will definitely pop up your outfits. To make things enjoyable, this adorable layered bracelet is so simple and easy to make and don’t hesitate and do it right now for to your beloved ones.(tutorial source :crafts unleashed)


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