Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet

The colorful beaded wrap bracelet excited me the first sight I saw it. This beaded bracelet gives a cute and lovely look and the random arrangement of the beads makes it unique and special.
Now that the hot summer is on its way, it occurs to me that why not share this this easy tutorial with you so that you can DIY colorful while adorable beaded wrap bracelet at home too.
Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet5
Materials Needed to Make Beaded Wrap Bracelet
Colorful glass beads
Stretch cord
Instructions for DIY Beaded Wrap Bracelet
First, you just pour colorful glass beads into a bowl and mix them up so that they are randomly arranged.
Second, unknot a piece of the stretch cord, and begin threading the beads. It would be better if different colors are chosen.
Third, add to the cord about 50 beads and then cut the stretch cord and take both ends and make a double knot. Trim off the extra cord.
Easy Craft-DIY Colorful Beaded Wrap Bracelet
So what do you think? Easy right? This colorful beaded wrap bracelet tutorial is really so easy to follow that you don’t need any special skills even a green hand can do while the materials are cheaper than a bear. Whether as a fabulous accessory to keep or as a handmade gift to five away, this charming beaded wrap bracelet is definitely a good choice. So what are you waiting for?(source tutorial)


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