Be Glamorous with Glass Beads

glass beadsGlass beads are magical and mesmerizing. Play with creativity, colors, designs and shapes to make stunning beaded jewelry. Czech beads are extremely popular in the jewelry making industry for creating amazing ornaments. Beads tell us the history of our ancestors. How they used beads for jewelry making or protecting their religious beliefs. Beads range from glass, wood, gemstone to rhinestone, plastic or acrylic. Glass beads have been used since centuries for embellishments and decorations.

What it adds to your personality and interiors?

  • Used for creating fascinating jewelry- Glass has its own shine and appeal. Beads of different shapes such as round, abacus, cylindrical, diamond, raindrop and others are used to create unique jewelry. Fashionably carved beads add value to your personality.
  • Decorating interiors- Interiors improve the look of the house. To increase the value of the look, you can even enhance your interiors with glass beads. Such as sofa covers, curtains, table covers, wall hangings and many more.
  • Modify your accessories- Whenever you buy a purse, it looks stunning. But that’s not all. You can give it a look as you want. Add beautiful beads to it, you can make flowers, stars, patterns, leaves etc.

Smoothness and Polish

The polished beads have a very smooth texture causing no irritation to your skin when you wear beaded necklace. The beads are nickel and lead free, extremely safe for your skin.

Vibrant colors

Attractive colors appeal to you; you can match them with your dress to enhance your look. There are varieties of glass beads such as lampwork beads, seed beads, pressed beads, and cane beads.

Cat eye beads are very attractive glass beads having different attributes from other beads. They are also known as fiber optic gemstones as they change their colors when light reflects. Known for its smoothness and superior quality, cat eye beads are eyeful and attractive. They have a religious reference also; they are used for protection from bad omen or negativity in life. These are manmade beads made from fiber optic glass. Cat eye beads are semi translucent and different from other beads, available in different colors as they render unique light refraction to create stunning sparkle. You can easily recognize them from far as a band of light runs through the center of the bead resembling as a cat’s eye. Very sleek, unique, smooth and glowing beads are made of superior quality glass offering an amazing look when you wear them.

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