Four Amazing Chandelier Earrings Never Miss

When mentioning earrings, chandelier earrings can never be left behind. They are charming and chic which makes them favored by jewelry designers and crafters. I myself love chandelier earrings very much. Today, I will share with you 4 charming chandelier earrings.
chandelier earrings

Diy-chandelier-earrings-inspired-by-stunning-wire-wrap-arts-step4-2This pair of long chandelier earrings is stunning. The red glass beads and the blue heart-shape glass pendant are matched to make fringes with the golden aluminum wire to make the chandelier component. I have to say these chandelier earrings design are unique and special.How-to-Make-Black-and-White-Dangling-Chandelier-EarringsMade from black glass beads and white bugle beads, this black and white chandelier earring is a classic match. Also, they will be a perfect match to our beautiful attire. Don’t you think so? So enjoy your time DIY such a charming yet chic chandelier earrings.How-to-make-jewelry--DIY-chandelier-earrings-with-eye-pins1This pair of chandelier earrings is really stylish with those beautiful turquoise beads. As a matter of fact, these chandelier earrings are also cinch to make because there are not so complicated techniques involved. You only have to prepare some beads, eye pins and a piece of copper wire and bind them together. Hope you have a nice try.Make-Chandelier-Earrings-with-Wire-and-Beads-for-Happy-Wedding-1Chandelier earrings of this kind are really cute and lively. All you have to do is to make messy wire wrapped loop with those three beautiful turquoise beads and attach them to the chain. Have a nice try, the result will be terrific!
What do you think of those chandelier earrings? Which one do you like most? Have you got inspired and planned to make more creative chandelier earrings with wire and beads? Anyway, it is worth a try.


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