4 Stylish Butterfly Designs You Should Know

Butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world that many jewelry designers and crafters get inspired by its unique beauty and created many cool DIY designs. Today, I would like to share with you 4 stylish butterfly designs, namely, beaded butterfly, button butterfly, wire butterfly and crochet butterfly.
butterflyFirst, let’s take a look at the beaded butterfly.
beaded bufferflyMade from seed beads this beaded butterfly is really a piece of artwork. The sophisticated techniques and creative design together make this beaded butterfly unforgettable and impressive. I really want to have one myself.
Next beautiful design is button butterfly.
button butterfly Apart from the delicate design, this button butterfly is also beautiful and charming, and it is much easier to make than the beaded butterfly. Besides, the materials are affordable to everyone. You really should give it a try and the result will be terrific.
Let’s turn to wire butterfly.
wire butterfly.jpgCan you believe this? This lovely butterfly is made from a piece of jewelry wire! Gorgeous, it is really beyond my imagination. A piece of wire is really beyond everyone’s budget, but I guess no one have ever thought of it could turn out to be such an amazing work.
The last one is crochet butterfly.
crochet butterflyI am not that into crochet work but I have to say this one is absolutely an exception. It is so cute and favorable. How could I say no to this adorable crochet butterfly. It must be a great gift to give away. Do you think so?
Are you excited after seeing those chic butterfly designs? Do you have any good idea to share with us about your butterfly design? Maybe you could get some jewelry making supplies and head into your favorite high-end butterfly design. Happy crafting.


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